We Help Create and Preserve the Wealth of the Builders

Our Mission is to help create and preserve the wealth of our clients and their families, employees, customers and other constituents.  Business owners risk their wealth in pursuit of  their vision of a better world.  They are the fountainhead of human progress and the truest path to freedom for oneself and one’s family. The entrepreneur offers the greatest chance to make positive impacts on the world.

Who We Serve

We provide customized and comprehensive planning tailored to the needs of the closely-held business-owner and his or her family.  Our focus is on those business owners with more than $5,000,000 of revenue or more than ten employees.  With our team of highly skilled and credentialed professionals, we bring a depth of interdisciplinary expertise.  We are passionate about helping our clients realize their goals and dreams.  By coordinating our work with your current team, we allow you, the entrepreneur, to focus on your family and your business.

Professional Experience 

Often business owners seek out our services because their lives are increasingly complex.  We assist through organization and simplification of planning.  However, some clients do not realize just how complex their finances and lives have really become.  Therefore, we believe in a strategy-first approach, assessed regularly, to assure that your wealth and time are optimized. These strategies adapt with ever changing environment.

To help you assess your own risk and understand the ways that we can help you, we have developed a series of questions that identify "The Four Greatest Wealth Destroyers to Business Owners."

  1. Taxes: Are you Voluntarily Overpaying?
  2. Key Employee: Your Friend or Foe?
  3. Business Succession: 10%, 35% or 65%?
  4. Qualified Plans: What is YOUR Risk?

Learn how to protect yourself and build a firewall around your business and your personal assets so you can leave a legacy for your family.  

Our Team

When you choose to work with Fountainhead Private Client, you are partnering with highly qualified financial advisors within multiple disciplines.  

Our advisors bring a wealth of knowledge and extensive professional experience to the table.  We have managed money in various kinds of markets and have developed the skills needed to help individual investors and business owners manage assets and plan for the future.

Meet our team!